ODWEN is an on-demand warehouse platform that allows customers to discover and book warehouse and related services on its online portal www.odwen.co.in. Likewise it allows Warehouse Owners / Companies, Transport Companies/ Operators and Other related service providers to offer their services on the ODWEN platform. In short it is a market place where customers discover warehouses for online booking and for warehouse owners to display their warehouses and related service offering.
Pretty simple. Go to www.odwen.co.in, select the location where you require storage space, enter the details such as date of check-in and check-out, space required, services required and discover a range of options. Select the most appropriate option suited to your requirements and then proceed to online payments. But before that accept the terms and conditions governing the booking. This is also the digital agreement executed between you and ODWEN.
Yes, ODWEN provides this service at an additional cost. We shall soon have this module incorporated on the platform where one can book the transport online as well. This will require you to enter details such as the distance (from and to), nature of goods, weight and dimensions and other required details. Upon entering the details, a range of options are provided online that would allow you to pick one that meets your budget and requirements.
Post payment, your space and services (if so selected) are reserved for you. You can intimate us through the ODWEN online portal, the date and approximate time for your goods reaching the venue. Accordingly our WMS enterprise suite integrated with warehouse operations will intimate the warehouse operations team on the expected delivery to make the necessary arrangements to receive the goods.
Yes, this is the unique features of ODWEN. Our integrated tech platform not only allows you to book the warehouse space and services but also in managing the inventory the way you would want to. For example you could issue ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) or SO (Sales Order) from your computer in your office. Given the integrated environment, the warehouse operations would follow your
We deploy QR codes for tracking the inventory. We issue the QR Codes once you book the warehouse space & services that you could paste to your goods before they reach the warehouse. At the warehouse, the operations team scans the QR code and once the match is established, they would take the goods for inward receipt otherwise the goods are kept aside or are returned through the transporter.
Similarly when you want to move the inventory to another location, you can intimate the warehouse operations team (through the online portal) the corresponding QR codes that you want to be dispatched/ released.
At the warehouse your goods are stored per the QR code. This helps in ease of tracing the goods.
As in the case of any eventuality, we require that you insure your goods against all possible risks before you move your goods/ inventory to the warehouse. ODWEN is a technology platform that acts on behalf of all the service providers to enable you book warehouse space and related services. While we make every effort to ensure that the details of the warehouse is verified by us, kindly note that we do not assume any liabilities on the goods damaged or lost. Our liability stands limited to Rs.100 per item/ product without recourse to any legal action. This is clearly stated in the warehouse management services agreement that you enter into while booking the warehouse space and related services.
Yes, we shall be happy to arrange for insurance of your goods stored at the warehouse. We will provide you few options to choose from and you could select the most appropriate insurance plan for your goods/ inventory.
You will be billed monthly in advance, just like house rent. You can log into your account, view your invoices and make payments using credit/ debit cards, Net Banking, or any other medium offered by our payment gateway. You also have the option of opting to leave Standing Instructions on your Savings Bank account. Clients opting for auto-debit facility are entitled to a discount of 10% on their storage charges.
We have a broad set of criteria for onboarding warehouses to our platform. In addition we ensure that the following are adhered to:
  • A visit every 15 days by pest-and-rodent control personnel
  • CCTV cameras on entry/exit points to monitor movement of goods
  • Dedicated security guards for the storage facility
  • Fire prevention mechanisms
Our inhouse team or our outsourced partner visits the warehouse and carries out the inspection.
Send us an email at info@odwen.co.in Or call us anytime at ............................. We would love to help you!