For Warehouse Partners

ODWEN is an on-demand warehouse platform that allows customers to discover and book warehouse and related services on its online portal www.odwen.co.in. Likewise it allows Warehouse Owners / Companies, Transport Companies/ Operators and Other related service providers to offer their services on the ODWEN platform. In short it is a market place where customers discover warehouses for online booking and for warehouse owners to display their warehouses and related service offering.
Quite simple. Please visit www.odwen.co.in and find the “list your space” prominently visible on the right hand top side. Click on the icon to open the warehouse registration form. Please fill the details including uploading of photographs, address proof, entity proof, statutory approvals obtained and other such details. Once the details are saved, you would then proceed to “agree and accept” Listing Services Agreement, this will allow us to list your space on our portal. Post submission of all the details, one of our colleagues will reach out to you to schedule a site visit. Once the site visit is completed, we shall then host your site on our portal
Nothing. We do not charge you for listing your space. It is a free service that we provide.
Once ODWEN’s customer selects your warehouse and services for storing their inventory/ goods, we shall then enter into a warehouse management services agreement with you for that particular transaction/ order. Upon fulfilment of that particular order, the Warehouse Management Services Agreement stands cancelled.
We require you/ your company to invoice us every month on the 1st working day and we shall make the payment within 7 days.

We make an advance payment of running month rentals prior to checking-in to the warehouse. Similarly we make advance payments at the beginning of the month, for the month.
We obtain declarations from our customers that they are not storing any hazardous and illegal goods. In addition, we also require our warehouse partners also to carry out an inspection without disturbing/ damaging the goods to ascertain that the goods stored are as per the declarations.

Prior to listing your warehouse on our platform, we require (a must) that your warehouse should have insurance coverage.
At the end of the month, we carry out reconciliation of space and services that we received from you. Once this is established, we proceed for invoicing and payments. In the event that there is an increased use of space and services, we would make the payment of the differential and in the event of shortfall, we would deduct that amount from the next month’s payment to you.
No to worry. We shall provide you with our WMS and will also train your staff to operate the WMS.
Again, not to worry. We shall provide you with computer and printer for operations. However kindly note this amount will be deducted over the months from the warehouse rentals that we pay you on a month basis.
Yes, we do provide space only deals to our customers.